About Us

Loganville.Online is a locally owned and operated website dedicated to providing the residents around Loganville, Georgia with a meeting place for local news, information, events and items of interest. We want this site to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere where people wish to gather and socialize. Our motto is "Welcome Home!"

Our Mission

Our mission is to have Loganville.Online to act much like a community newspaper. . . just electronic in nature. We will strive to continuously change as the need arises by adding or modifying content, topics, and links.  We want this website to be interesting and enjoyable to all ages.  It is our firm intent for this website not to turn into a website of advertisements or become an electronic infomercial.  If you ever see a "popup" or a "popunder" ad, please contact us immediately. This would mean that this site's integrity has been compromised.

Advertisements and Sponsorships

The operation and maintenance of this website requires not only time but financial expenditures. To aid in this endeavor we will offer sponsorship and advertisements to help support its operation and upkeep. Local merchants don't posses the financial resources to advertise like national corporations. The local merchants still need some type of local exposure to promote their business. Based on this need, we see this website and the local merchant's needs as being symbiotic in nature. Thus, helping each other out. Loganville.Online plans to locate ads or coupons from local businesses in an unobstructed manner as not to distract the viewer.

Concepts that are currently being entertained to achieve this goal would be to have various page topics sponsored by businesses that market to that particular topic. Examples of this concept are:

  •  A paint store sponsoring tips on painting and preparation or a plant nursery offering guidelines on landscaping and planting tips.
  • A "Yellow Page" area dedicated to local businesses.

Get Involved

Contributors are needed for this website to be truly successful. We welcome your input. Loganville.Online encourages submission of editorials, photos, public events, and any other item that will be of benefit to the residents of this great community. All submissions are subject to review for content, relevance, and accuracy before and after publication.

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